ACTA Pharmaceutica Sciencia 2020 , Vol 58 , Num 1
Effect of Ginger on Hyperglycemia Induced by Streptozotocin in Pregnant Rats and Postnatal Neurodevelopment of their Offspring
Mehouel Raouia 1 Ferhati Habiba 1 Tahraoui Abdelkrim 1
1 Badji Mokhtar University, Department of Biology, Laboratory of Neuro-endocrinology Applied, BP 12, 23000, Annaba, Algeria
DOI : 10.23893/1307-2080.APS.05807 This study was performed to investigate the consequences of severe maternal hyperglycemia induced by streptozotocin in Wistar rats on postnatal development of offspring. Besides, the ability of a ginger extract to restore glycemic balance in dams and prevent the appearance of disorders in offspring. Diabetes was induced in dams before pregnancy by a single injection of streptozotocin at a dose of 50 mg / kg. Ginger was orally administered from the fourteenth (14th) to the nineteenth (19th) day of pregnancy. Two tests before and after weaning were performed to monitor the offspring development. Our study clearly showed that treatment of diabetic pregnant rats with a ginger extract lowers blood glucose levels and help prevent disorders in offspring. Keywords : Maternal diabetes, Postnatal neurodevelopment, Streptozotocin, Wistar rats, Ginger

Istanbul Medipol University