ACTA Pharmaceutica Sciencia 2019 , Vol 57 , Num 3
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Tetrazole Derivatives and Evaluation of Their Anti-candidal Activity
Hiba Maher Tawfeeq 1 Rasim Farraj Muslim 2 Obaid Hasan Abid 3 Mustafa Nadhim Owaid 4
1 University Of Anbar, Department of Chemistry, College of Education for Pure Sciences, Anbar/Ramadi, Iraq
2 University Of Anbar, Department of Ecology, College of Applied Sciences, Anbar/Hit, Iraq
3 University of Fallujah, Department of Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies, Anbar/Fallujah, Iraq
4 Ministry of Education, Department of Heet Education, Anbar/Hit, Iraq
DOI : 10.23893/1307-2080.APS.05717 This research includes synthesis of new heterocycles containing disubstituted Tetrazole derivatives. Imine compounds were synthesized by reaction of primary aromatic amines with various substituted benzaldehydes in the presence of glacial acetic acid as catalyst in absolute ethanol to obtain new imine compounds O1-O5. The novel five-membered heterocycles as Tetrazole derivatives O6-O10 were obtained from treatment of each new imine compounds with sodium azide compound. Newly synthesized compounds were identified via spectral methods (FTIR, 1H-NMR and 13C-NMR) spectra and some physical properties. O6 is the best derivative that has significantly (p<0.01) recorded a stronger influence to inhibit the growth of Candida guilliermondii at an average of the zone of inhibition 14.0 mm. While, O9 derivative recorded the lowest zone of inhibition 7.3 mm toward the same clinical fungal pathogen. The present work may be helpful in designing more potential antibacterial and antifungal agents for therapeutic use in the future. Keywords : Tetrazole, Candida sp., anti-candidal, imine compounds, sodium azide

Istanbul Medipol University