ACTA Pharmaceutica Sciencia 2009 , Vol 51 , Num 2
Royal College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Berhampur, Orissa, India The ripe fruits of Cordia obliqua, willed family, Boraginaceae, are traditionally eat by local Tribes and raw fruits are used as pickle. The fruit mucilage is used as a gum for pasting sheets of paper and board, etc. Here an effort was made to investigate the efficacy of cordia obliqua fruit mucilage as pharmaceutical excipient in particular as tablet binder and emulsifier. The study of toxicity and chemical compositions of the experimental gum and gum-experimental tablet excipient interactions using FTIR (Fourier transform infrared) spectrum ensured its safe use as a tablet binder. Tablets were manufactured with various quantities of cordia obliqua fruit mucilage as tablet binding agent and a comparison was made against the tablets prepared with 5% starch paste as binder, based on studying the standard parameters like hardness, thickness, friability, weight variation and disintegration time. Gum cordia at a very low amount (1/25th of the starch paste used) was found to be effective as tablet binder. For emulsifying activity study, castor oil was taken as a model drug and emulsified with cordia obliqua fruit mucilage. The comparative stability studies were done with that of the emulsion prepared by taking gum acacia as standard emulsifying agent and it was found that the emulsion prepared with 1.5%w/v of gum cordia is more effective in comparison to that of the emulsion prepared by using 10%w/v of gum acacia. Thus this gum will be a non-toxic, bio-degradable, cheap, economic and easily available option as tablet binder and emulsifier in the list of pharmaceutical excipients. Keywords : GUM CORDIA, TABLET BINDER, EMULSIFIER, CORDIA OBLIQUA, BORAGINACEAE

Istanbul Medipol University